evermore, washington
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With a population of 39,412 it is not always quite clear who you will meet stumbling along the streets. Neighbors can be strangers or best friends. There are so many people around just going about their lives that you may never know if you don't stop to say "hello". Located off the coast of Washington State on Beacon Island, Evermore is known for being only accessible through the ferry that runs between the mainland and the island or by private boat. The island is a tourist destination with the summer and seems to be bursting with an energy that some people cannot put their finger on. The thrum of magic on the air brings creatures from all around to the area while everyone strives to maintain the peace.

We are a site focused on character development and have no word count. We never put bans on characters and have a profile application.

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Here is where you can find all sorts of important information. Such as our rules, plot, and member groups. It is also where site announcements will be stored, so check here for any important updates!
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sometimes, you just need a little help with a plot for your character. this is where you can request specific people for your character's relationships if you wish!
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text messages. late night phone calls. even sexting if you're crazy enough.
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Evermore is that small town that everyone sees in the movies. Sweet, charming with the kind of neighborhood were everyone knows everyone. It however has a far more pressing secret that no one outside the town truly knows about and that's about how the island town has become a safe haven for the supernatural.
So we meet again by JUDE IVERSON | Yesterday at 12:50 pm
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diners, drive-ins, dives, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, family, fast food, fine dining; it really does not matter what kind of food fix is needed, it can be found here.
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from the movies, to the theater, to the ice rink, to bowling, to an arcade and everything in between; there are several different options for one to spend their free time at.
Drinking From The Bottle by VERONICA TAYLOR | Yesterday at 12:15 pm
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Evermore's education board is top notch and it looks after not only the middle school and high school, but the town's post secondary education as well.
Water bottle mishap by RYLAND REN | Mar 16 2017, 07:25 PM
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closed after dark, the local park is a popular place for children and teens, though the later of which tend to sneak in after the park is closed more often than not.
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libraries, banks, gas stations, mechanics, city hall, lawyers, corporate offices; all those businesses that help keep a city afloat will be found right here.

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this forum is for all those threads involving any of the hospitals, a doctor's office, a dental office, an eye doctor, an animal clinic, the police, the fire department; basically, anyplace associated with anyone's health and well-being.
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The fact that Evermore is located off the mainland, it's not a surprise that there's water everywhere. You can reach the mainland by a twenty minute ferry-ride. There is however a sort of supernatural fog that always surrounds the island sort of masking it off from non-supernaturals to protect the community.
better than i know myself by PRESTON ASTER | Yesterday at 01:12 pm
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home is where the heart is, my friends; and, this is where all the housing threads will take place, whether in town or outside the city limits. this includes threads that take place at hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, etc.
My heart hit the ceiling by SCYON KAN | Yesterday at 06:30 pm
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sometimes, characters have reasons to travel around the state but outside the immediate area of the city, those threads can be posted here.
Lucky Sevens by ALDON HUANG | Yesterday at 06:50 pm
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when travel takes you outside of the state for whatever reason, post those threads here!
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any sort of trip or vacation outside of the united states can be found right here.
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people assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff.in other words, this is where you can post threads that take place in the past or the future!
d-town reunion by TRISTAN BECK | Yesterday at 12:34 pm
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forum games, member introductions, general chat conversations can all be posted here. remember, though, no spoilers unless you properly tag the topic with containing spoilers!
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sometimes, real life does get in the way of roleplaying, and we're always accepting of that. please, leave a note here, though, so that we know of your absence and when we should expect you to return!
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